Privacy matters

Already armed against online attacks?
SecuroJourno cares about your security.
That’s why we organize workshops in cyber security,
privacy and encryption.

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Tailor-made workshops

SecuroJourno offers you the opportunity to put together a tailor-made workshop. Every media company, university, journalist,… has different needs. That’s why SecuroJourno gives you the possibility to combine several components into one tailor-made package, one that fully answers your needs.

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How I approach a workshop

Be aware of the dangers

In these changing times, it is not uncommon for journalists to be targeted by hackers. It is therefore very important that they are aware of the potential dangers. Using practical examples, SecuroJourno explains to journalists what they can do to protect themselves, their material and their (anonymous) sources.

Interactive and practical

During each workshop, time and space is provided to find out in a practical and interactive way how you can better defend yourself in the digital world. You will also be presented with tools and tips that you can use effortlessly in your daily life for more secure communication, both for your laptop and smartphone.

Online security is important

Journalists today are too little concerned with their digital security. It is essential that we pay more attention to this and protect ourselves – which is not as hard as it seems. After one workshop, participants are immediately better protected against online threats.

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Journalists must see it as their duty to protect their material and sources

This is important to me

SecuroJourno creates awareness about cyber security, privacy and encryption on the basis of workshops, consultancy and articles. I strive to be the first point of contact around these themes, for people from the journalistic world and beyond.

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